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Ok, so I got out of the hospital today. That's about all the good news I got, and the hemotoloist doesn't think its leukemia or lymphoma. Bad news, they don't know what the hell I have. No clue. Only that it is probably a virus. Lymes came back negative. My white blood cell count is down from 30,000 to 16,200, so more good news. Hopefully it will stay that way. Only thing right now that is pissing me off is that they lowered the dose of pain meds when I was discharged and now I hurt again! WTF! Ok, so anyway, I call the dr tomorrow and get a follow up appointment for monday, so we will see the results of the four million vials of blood they drew from me in the last two days, lol.


Need to vent

Ok all, I know I haven't posted in a while, but I just got my lpn and have been working like crazy, plus I am moving in three weeks! Well, hopefully. Bad things have happened this week....and I need to vent. I woke up at 2am on Sunday with severe joint pain. I couldn't move without pain. I took a couple of Tylenol pm and slept, woke up Sunday in pain, took motrin 800mg to get through the day and work. Woke up Monday unable to get out of bed then pain was so bad! I finally sucked it up and went to the ER. That was Monday afternoon. In the ER they did bloodwork, which showed an elevated white blood cell count of 25,000, normal is 4,000-10,000. I was admitted bc all the other tests, including blood cultures came back normal and I have no fever. The doctors are confused. They have no clue. So, here I am, two days later and still in the hospital, getting pain mess every 6 hours, and antibiotics IV once a day, and my WBC count has flucualted between 25 and 30,000. I'm negative for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Still awaiting the lymes disease test. And this morning the dr mentioned testing for leukemia and lymphoma. I'm kinda scared now. I'm juts hoping they figure something out. And that it isn't cancer. I just needed to get this off my chest. Fml!

Nov. 17th, 2010

I just bought my first XBOX 360. Yay! Now, to just figure out how to use the thing and get some game recommendations. lol.

I dunno anymore

Ok, so today started out ok. I was freaked out, but it was ok; i was scheduled to take my NCLEX-PN, which is the state licensing exam for LPNs, so I was allowed to be freaked. I went, I saw, I completed the test with 85 questions. I left thinking I failed miserably. However, through a little trick on the Pearson Vue website, I found out I had passed, and I am now a licensed Practical Nurse. All my hard work and having no time to do anything and no personal life for the last 13 months have paid off. I told my parents and got luke warm congrats, this confused me. Brushing it off, I figured I would get my congrats by dinner out, which is kinda something my family does to celebrate anything. So, I called my friends, and was showered with praise and congrats and how proud they were, something I would have expected from my folks. I then told my neighbor and Dean, where I received warm congrats and wishing me fun until graduation and a good celebration tonight. Only now, no celebration. I have been ignored for the last two hours. I don't know what is going on, but no celebratory dinner out, no drink of congrats, nothing. You'd think my parents would be happy that I passed my state boards. You'd think I would at least get a dinner out or something, but NOTHING. Whatever, I give up. Obviously, I cannot make my parents happy no matter what I do, I don't know why I even bother.


Woot! Tonight is the premier! Holy Hell Yes! Oh, and a TNT marathon of season 5! Just adds to the awesomeness of today. Only thing missing is iTunes having the Season Pass for Season 6! I want it...again! Yes!


Dancing with the Stars

Ok, so I'm outing myself...I am a fan of Dancing with the Stars. I usually love the show, love seeing celebrities look like idiots and falling all over the place. Excellent. I was one of Joanna Krupa's biggest fans and was pissed when she was booted, I thought her dances were amazing; considering she had almost no prior training.

Anyway, here's my current problem with the show...the LAME ASS cast this year! Shit! The cast is as follows:

Audrina Patridge – "The Hills Hottie"
Brandy – "R&B's Platinum Girl"
Bristol Palin – "Alaska's Most Famous Daughter"
David Hasselhoff – "The Hoff"
Florence Henderson – "America's Mom"
Jennifer Grey – "The Original Dirty Dancer"
Kurt Warner – "The Superbowl Success Story"
Kyle Massey – "Disney Channel Dynamo"
Margaret Cho – "Comedy's Most Outrageous"
Michael Bolton – "The Balladeer"
Mike Sorrentino – "The Situation"
Rick Fox – "Basketball's Foxiest Champion"

Ok, here's my issue. Taken one by one.

Audrina: REALITY TV not celebrity
Brandy: OK, celebrity, but when was her last hit???
Bristol Palin: NOT A CELEBRITY, daughter of a questionable politician? Yes, celebrity? NO
David Hasselhoff: HAS BEEN celebrity
Florence Henderson: No contest, its Mrs. Brady!
Jennifer Grey: Has been, but she did Dirty Dancing; she was Baby. No Problem there.
Kurt Warner: retired Ram quarterback. Athlete. Ok.
Kyle Massey: 19 year old! Disney Channel! WTF?!
Margaret Cho: love her! Drop Dead Diva!
Michael Bolton: REALLY?!
Mike "the Situation": REALITY STAR and a bad one at that. He's from NY and makes NJ look bad!
Rick Fox: retired Laker. Athlete.

Need I say more!? Could they not find actually celebrities this year! I mean there are more reality TV starts on the list than actually actors! Oh, and the fact the someone from the Jersey Shore is on...pisses me off even more! I was born and raised in Forked River, NJ. Look it up. Its about 8 miles south of Seaside Heights, NJ, where they film most of the Jersey Shore. And you know what? Its NOTHING like the show! Wanna know why? Because the "stars" are from NY! Not NJ! And they come down for the summer, not giving two shits as to what they destroy! Ok, maybe I have a grudge against the Jersey Shore, but I still have a point! Anyone else agree?

update on sick

So, I woke up this morning, feeling sick...still. I had called the dr back last night and left a message saying what was going on. He actually called me back this morning. He was concerned and wanted me to come back in asap. I got dressed and my mom took me bc i was too dizzy and tired to drive. He listened to my lungs, and said they sounded clear, but wanted to get a chest xray in case. Turns out it was a good call. I have double pneumonia. Yeah. Both lungs. He gave me a shot of Rocephin and a script for heavy duty antibiotics for 10 days. I haven't had a fever in 10 hrs! yay! BUT i'm still coughing a lot. If I don't improve by tomorrrow, I have to go to the hospital for monitoring and IV treatment. Lets hope it gets better!


Ok, so I need to get this off of, or out of my damn chest. And just complain, bc, seriously, this is NOT right. I'm really, really, REALLY sick. To the point that I'm worring now. I came down with bronchitis and sinusitis last Friday, went to the doctor on Sat, who gave me Augmentin and Prednisone. Awesome, ten days and I'll be good. I felt better on Tues, excellent. NO! Wed I started coughing again, and by Thurs I was waking up coughing so much my chest was killing me to breathe and I was choking on my own mucus. Yes, I will get nasty here. So, what to do? I went back to the doctor. I had a new fever, and the doctor changed my meds to Z-pac, I have to take my inhaler every 4 hours, drink lots of fluids, rest, and take my cough syrup (which makes me pass out, one good thing!). Anyway, now I've been on the Z-pac for two days, and I still have fevers of 100-101, and I'm coughing up thick brown mucus. My chest isn't hurting as bad, but that may be due to the opioids in the cough syrup...yay pain relief. Here's the thing though, every other time I've gotten bronchitis and been on Z-pac I've felt a little better two days in. Now my nose won't stop running, I'm coughing harder than ever, I can't sleep, I'm dehydrated all the time, still running fevers, and I just can't seem to get better! Its pissing me off! I've missed 5 days of work! I don't know what to do. Seriously. I just want to not be sick. And if my head would stop throbbing and my eyes stop burning, that would be awesome too. Damn it.

Shit-tastic Day

So, I know I use this journal for ranting, but seriously, I need a place to vent. Today was just shit. I went to work, only to be cut for no reason 5 hours into my 9 hour shift; so much for paying my bills on time. When I come home, my parents are chilling, watching TV, so I joined in thinking a relaxing day, maybe it will turn around. NOT. My folks got a call from the neighbor wanting to catch the free baseball game tonight, but I'm not invited. So here I am, thinking ok, I'll order Chinese or something since its too late to defrost something. Only, yeah, I'm BROKE. Whatever. Then, to make the night even BETTER, my mom mentions my birthday, asking me what I want. Before I can even say anything, she says, "well, you need a new tire. How about we get you that? Ok, good." Then leaves to get changed. I'm like WTF. Seriously. Ok, to give you a history of my gifts since I was 17, I have only gotten things I NEED for xmas and birthdays. My gifts include college supplies, moving supplies, things for my new apartment (which my parents later GAVE to my younger sister when I was away for 6 months), camping supplies, cleaning supplies (yes, I have gotten a swiffer as a xmas gift once), etc. For ONCE I thought I could ask for something I want! I was happy when she asked since two weeks ago, she said she wasn't planning on getting me anything. What I don't get is how someone could think a TIRE could make an awesome 25th birthday gift?! WTH! My sister just turned 22, and this may sound petty, but this is what she got: a $400 digital camera, $50 case for said camera, $200 worth of groceries for her and her roomies, and $100 worth of booze for the party she was throwing in her honor. Yeah, a total of around $750. And I got her a 16G disk for her camera. She made out AWESOME for her 22nd. Now, I'm at my 25th (which should be an awesome, big deal) and the gift from my parents, a $90 tire. Awesome, I feel so equally adored as my younger sister. I've always known she was the perfect child, perfered, but I never knew they could be so obvious about it. Even my grandmother agreed. What did I really want for my birthday, a $239 round trip plan ticket to visit my friend in Michigan, who I haven't seen in a year, and her new baby, who was born in April. I thought a week away from school would be a nice change of pace, but I guess not. Too much to ask for when you're the first born, but second best. Fuck, sometimes I really hate that my parents do things like this. I dunno if they even realize it. Well, I'm gonna go read something really sad so I have an excuse to cry. FML