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Valentine's Day Let Down

Ok, so I'm kinda super pissed right now, and beating on myself. So here's the deal...

I've been seeing the new guy, only for a month or so, but we hit it off. Anyway, our work schedules are kinda insane, with me working 3p-12a, and him working all sorts of hours, usually through the night (he's a resident director at a half way house and he lives where he works). Anyway, our first date was lunch, nice. Food sucked, but the conversation was good. I didn't hear from him for three days, then when he finally texted me, he said it was bc his minutes had run out for his phone. Ok, I get that. So we started talking again. Second date was at his place, he had wine and movies. Nice and relaxed for a late night date. BUT then he wouldn't let me go home bc we had finished two bottles of wine and I live 30 min away. Nice right? Except then he tells me I have to share his bed. WHAT?! Its only the second date. Luckily nothing happens except some kissing, which is ok, right? Third date I thought would be a repeat of the second, head to his house at 9:30p, spend the night, leave early in the am. NOPE. I planned it for a night when I had off to spend time with him, but then get a text saying that I could come over at 11:30PM! Oh, and I had to leave by 6am. WTF?! So, I conceded and went over. Of course I get there tired, and we go to bed, where he whines like a little girl about wanting to have sex. I gave in again (obviously I have no will power), and he kicked me out at 5:30am. Then what happens? I don't hear from him for TWO days! I totally feel like a random hook up, rather than a girlfriend. So, I think, maybe he will do something on valentines. I texted him today, and he says he lost his phone, he dropped it in the ocean. I don't know what to believe. Anyway, I was leaving work tonight and all of a sudden, he was calling me sweet heart and asking me to be his valentine...at 11:43pm! I texted him back and said, "sure, for the next 17 min". He said "no, for the next 24 hrs". I said "no, Valentines day was today". How the fuck can someone not realize its Valentines? It all over facebook what loved one are doing for each other! Its all over TV and the news! I just don't get it. I'm supposed to be this guys girlfriend and he makes me feel like an unwanted whore! I dunno why I'm so disapointed, I've never gotten anything for Valentines day, so why should I be upset now? I'm 26, and I want a serious relationship, to get married and have a family. Maybe its me? Maybe I expect too much? I'm always disapointed. I feel like I need to go have a good cry. Well, I hope you all had a better Valentines day. Cause mine? HUGE LET DOWN!